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Green Streets COMMUNITY ART GARDEN Corners of 8th & Trimble


Hey everyone - the gardens are looking beautiful thanks to all the great work from our last art garden session. Now it’s time to really fill the space with ….ART!

Saturday, April 30 @ 4:00 - 6:30pm
Meet @ the Corner of Trimble & West 8th street
( 99 Bus - UBC. Get off at Sasamat )

We are looking for people with a passion for arts, gardening and/or community building. All are welcome. No experience necessary.
Join us this month to tend the corner gardens at the intersection of 8th & Trimble and begin decorating the space with
small art pieces, short stories & interactive poetry to include in the greenery.
**Come dressed for the weather and please bring garden tools if you have them.
We start off outside and then depending on the activity we’ll move indoors, to the park or a cafe.  ***
We meet every other Saturday. Each meet up will include gardening plus a range of different activities including creative brainstorming, outdoor poetry making, creating a five senses garden, collaborating with youth, walks down to Jericho beach for inspiration, community building, conversation and more.
Multidisciplinary artist and educator, Ella Cooper has recently gained four of the City of Vancouver’s Green Street plots and would like to turn them into a veritable eco-arts gallery and space for community engagement. Collaborating with the Community Arts Council’s Eco Arts Salon, gardeners, guerilla knitters, creative minds, poets and interested members of the community we will be working to create a happy blend of community gardening and eco arts projects that creates an interactive green space that will evolve as the plants grow.
If you can’t make it to this meeting but would like to be actively involved in the gardening and eco-arts making, please contact Ella at

Permaculture Mandala Poster ~ Created by Spiral Seed

Permaculture Mandala Poster ~ Created by Spiral Seed

Poetry Dispenser

Now what would happen if we put these two dispensers together? Seeds for the mind, Seeds for soil? ;-)